Cushion Pads

Cushion Pads and Covers

Whether you would like to replace or restyle your suite cushions, we specialise in making replacement sofa cushion pads and covers using quality products from luxury natural and synthetic fillings to our vast range of contemporary and traditional fabrics. With such an abundance of choice, you can tailor every aspect to your specific requirements, restoring your furniture to its former glory! All our cushion pads are made to measure in Surbiton.

Slipcovers for sofa

Is your furniture looking faded or worn-out? Have you recently moved and your sofa doesn’t suit your room, or are you just simply tired of the colour of your furniture and want a change? Has your pet worn out a patch on your couch?
Whatever the reason you have for wanting to recover your furniture, be sure we will find the solution!

Slipcovers will give your furniture a stylish new look, that will enhance and protect for years. We use only the finest materials which can be machine washed or dry cleaned. Our company stock a wide fabric range for you to choose from.

At Sofa company, we specialise in sofa seat covers for all types of environments and living spaces. In many living rooms, sofa seat is the most abused piece of furniture. From dirt, pets’ fur, children climbing sofas with muddy boots, a sharp cutting object which kids use on the couch, wiping oily greasy hands on the seats and the list of the evil deeds our sofa seats have to encounter is endless.

Remember coaches in the living room brings out the beauty of the setting and sofas which have gone through all these nasty ordeals paint a lousy picture in a home. In these kinds of situations, sofa seat cover comes in handy plus it is a remedy as the seats will feel both its warmth and the safe feeling that comes along with it. With old and weary sofa seats, the slipcovers give them a whole new look as one can customize them according to someone’s preferences, most notably the house interior design.

Slipcovers Have the Couch Covered

Sofa seat covers come in many size shape patterns and design as well as colour. Slipcover is custom made to suit any shape be it oval, square, L-shaped or rectangular cushion its utility comes in for protective or decorative purposes. Whether or not the sofa have experienced good times or only one wants to protect the newly bought couch, a sofa seat cover guarantees that it last or a long time.

Individuals will not have to experience damages from wear and tear, aggressive kids in that they sofa cushion covers will be in place right on time to prevent those destructions from happening. In whichever angle one may decide to look at seat cover, the bottom line is that it reduces the extra cost that one may have to incur in replacing cushion year in year out.

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